Must see Places Before I Die

I was reading a blog which had a list of books that the author wants to read before she died. I was excited as I had a similar list which I compiled after I finished my first degree. I promised to share this list with you guys and also encourage that you please share the places you have visited or hope to visit and why..(I may steal a place or two off your list and add to mine!! 🙂 ), so here goes;

Burj Kalifha in Dubai (UAE)

Hollywood movie sets in Los Angeles CA (USA)

Burj al arab in Dubai (UAE)

NASA in Florida (USA)

Eiffel Tower in Paris (France)

Empire state building in Manhattan NY (USA)

Abraham Lincoln Monument in Washington DC (USA)

House where Abraham Lincoln was killed in Washington DC (USA)

Any Desert 

Cruise ship trip around the world (all continents)

Ocean dome indoor beach in Miyazaki (Japan)

Buckingham Palace in London (UK)

Outer space (fingers crossed 🙂 )

Pearl Harbor in Hawaii (USA)

Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in NY (USA)

Visit the Pope in Rome (Italy)

Slave dungeon in Ghana (Africa)

Dine in an unusual restaurant (under the sea, ice restaurant, in the dark, etc. )

I have crossed off the places that I have been to and would love to add more places to the list, so feel free to share your lists guys. Thanks :).. I have also shared some of the pictures from some of my trips (will upload more as I locate them as some of them were from years ago). Enjoy!!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

House where Abraham Lincoln was murdered
House where Abraham Lincoln was murderedIMG_0986

Shout out to my Indian friends.. :)

Shout out to my Indian friends.. 🙂

Aviation museum  Washington DC

Aviation museum Washington DC

Time Square Manhattan
Time Square Manhattan



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