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qld artAll this time we have been talking about how different organisations from different industries and sectors use social media technologies. This week it is all about how to monitor the use of social media in organisation. My first tool of choice, social mention is a new technology, one of many social media monitoring tool used for social listening or to monitor the social presence and reputation of someone or an organisation. It  is a search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content.

I chose to use social mention  because it covers over 100 social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. which are used by the organisation that I am going to monitor and analyse. The second tool I chose to use is Howsociable which measures organisation’s impact on  the social web.

Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery  of Modern Art (QAGOMA)

QAGOMA connects people and art through a dynamic program of Australian and international exhibitions that showcase works from a diverse range of historical and contemporary artists. It shows engaging and interactive exhibitions for visitors of all ages. For an organisation like Queensland Art Gallery, one would expect that they would have a strong social media presence. Well, we shall see. QAGOmA make use of social media technology such as;






The two images show the results from monitoring Queensland Art Gallery social media presence, using socialmention and howsociable, respectively.

Socialmention has different features and components which are used to determine the impact of an organisation in the social web.

  • Strength shows the likelihood that the brand is being discussed on social media. Queensland Art Gallery had a 5% likelihood.
  • Sentiments shows the ratio of positive to negative mentions. Queensland Art Gallery had a ratio of 5:1
  • Passion shows the likelihood that individuals are going to be talking about the brand and will continue to do so. Queensland Art Gallery had a 48% chance of that happening.
  • Reach shows the measure for the range of influence that the organisation has on users of social media, i.e. how many of people reference the organisation. Queensland Art Gallery had a 19% mark on this.

From the image above, it shows that  on socialmention, Queensland Art Gallery is mostly mentioned in YouTube, wiki , and Flickr.  And on howsociable, they barely had any mention on any of the social medial tools.


Monitoring this organisation, it is necessary to point out some of the limitations that could have affected the outcome of the results’

  • First, socialmention is a relatively new monitoring tool and as such in my opinion, is not necessarily accurate as I couldn’t find any mentions of Queensland Art Gallery which was a little weird as I know for a fact that they have a twitter account and also because I saw twitter mentions for other brands which showed that socialmention collected feeds from Twitter. But then again, Queensland Art Gallery tweets are protected and only confirmed followers are able to see their tweets.
  • Also, with the howsociable monitoring tool, I used the free version which had limited social media monitoring of which most of it are not used by Queensland Art Gallery ( as far as I know).

From these results and further search online, I think that Queensland Art Gallery need to do more to establish a presence on the social web.


6 comments on “Social Media Monitoring

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  3. Great post again!
    I think they can upgrade their iPhone app and link some of social media tools in order to reach more audiences as well as connect people with art in an efficient and easy way.

  4. I tested socialmention as well and one of the big limitations is when you search for more generic terms or brand names with more than one word it will pick up mentions and posts unrelated to your company/brand. This is true for most tools as they do searches based on keywords.One way to get around this would be to use unique hashtags which are easier to track.

    A consequence of the results not being accurate is the sentiment analysis will then be calculated on posts that are completely unrelated to what you are searching for.

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