Amnesty International Reaches Out

amnesty_prisonerA few weeks ago I discussed some of the value levers organisations use to add value to their various business functions. This week I will continue with these levers but will be focusing on a particular sector and a particular business function. The social sector is made up of groups, foundations, cultural institution, etc. According to McKinsey, these various organisations are social by nature and depend on social technology to enlist volunteers, raise funds and source for continued support.

Amnesty International (AI) is a non-governmental organisation  that I happen to volunteer for. Founded in 1961, it is a worldwide movement of people campaigning to protect the human rights. Their main objective is to create a world where every person enjoys all the rights stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights standards.  In 2011, Amnesty International had provided an opportunity for significant human rights change.

For a non-governmental organisation such as Amnesty who is constantly under pressure to maximize funds, the use of social media to rapidly disseminate information across the global network is beneficial as it is of very low cost. To effectively discuss the benefits of value levers to Amnesty International business functions I will be using one of the functional areas and its associated value levers as discussed in McKinsey GIobal Institute, MGI analysis report.

Executing Mission (Education & Engaging supporters)

education_1Amnesty International (New Zealand branch) released a Facebook app called Trial by Timeline to help educate and make the public aware of their work and the existing in balance in human rights around the world, by letting them ( in a more creative way, through the app) experience first hand what it might look like to live as human beings without the basic human rights. The app does this by analyzing the user’s Facebook profile and shows them what punishments some of their comments and/or behaviors could cost them in another country, assuming there was no freedom of  expression. Amnesty International uses this app to further spread their message regarding freedom disparities across the globe.

Amnesty International (UK) in 2009, used social media to engage their supporters by asking them to drop a coordinated social media bomb used any social technology tool such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. at exactly 1:10. This was to get their supporters to raise awareness about the violence against women in the UK and the message read “each year, 1 in 10 women in Britain experienced rape or other violence in the UK“. As of June 2013 and as part of an ongoing effort to engage the Chinese speaking human activists and supporter all over the world, AI launched  a Chinese speaking websitethat will provide resources and information in the form of blog entries and articles to the Chinese whose global influence are constantly growing.

Hopefully, it his post will go a mile to convince you to get involved with Amnesty international and contribute to their cause. Don’t forget to visit my must see places page on this blog to share your opinions, share and recommend places that you have been or would like to visit and why. Thank you, until next time, Goodbye, Addios, Adeu, Au revior.


12 comments on “Amnesty International Reaches Out

  1. Thanks Chiugo for sharing this valuable information.
    In my opinion, they might utilize even more of social media tools such as Wikis. People can contribute and collaborate effectively with others to produce one content that let them know more about how to protect human rights.

    • Thanks Maram for your input. If you are talking about using wiki internally in their organisation, then I agree that it will add value to AI seeing that the organisation is an internationally oriented one..

  2. Great overview of AI – I found that Facebook app concept really interesting! Trial by Timeline is a fabulous social media extension opportunity that they jumped on. Do you know if they are thinking of continuing with app development? Was Trial by Timeline successful?

    • Thank you Alex for dropping by. The “trial by timeline” app in my opinion, has definitely helped people to appreciate the freedom and liberties which we take for granted sometimes and though AI has not said so, I think they should continue with this strategy of educating people by letting them appreciate that not everyone can afford freedom of expression in the world(although the when you try to use the Facebook app today, it doesn’t open on mobile devices, which is something I think they could look into in the future).

  3. Hey there! Great post- I love finding out about different technologies that organisations use and come up with, that app sounds really cool and I am definitely going to check it out. Do you know any information about the success of this? I wonder how they would go about measuring the awareness of something like this? I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Hi Brittany, thanks for your reply. The app is quite dramatic, isn’t it? In my opinion, I believe it gets the message across. As for success, the only reviews I saw online about it is on other people’s blogs..fortunately, I volunteer with AI and this might be a very relevant question to raise with one of the coordinators.. 🙂

    • Yes Olumayowa, it is sad that most of the basic rights we enjoy here can actually condemn somebody elsewhere in the world. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hey Chiugo .. I wrote a blog about the same organisation recently and didn’t realise that someone wrote about it before lol. I beileve your blog is going deeper inside the organisation whereas mine discuss it from a general view. The good thing about Amnesty International is they monitor the human rights around the world and they have valuable sources in regard to the human rights. Enjoyed reading the post =) Thank you Chiugo =)

  5. Good on you for volunteering yourself as well! I thought it was a really good idea about the social media time bomb on woman’s day and then also at the time of 1:10 showing 1/10 woman have had this happen to them. I hope they have many more ideas like this to continue raising awareness throughout the world. Keep up the good posts.

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