Enterprise 2.0 in Action

Another Day and Counting..Having a fun weekend?, I know it has to be better than the one I’m having at least. Before I get into the topic of the day, I would love to share a few things with you guys.First, I have set up My ” Must see places before I die” page just like I promised in my last post (Yeah!!), so feel free to have a read, provide feedback and share yours as well (only if you feel like it…no pressure) and maybe we have some places in common. Next, I will be sharing some of my interesting experiences at some of those places that I have gone to. Secondly, someone asked me a weird question earlier last week and I told her I would share it with you guys and then get back to her.The question was “How old is TOO OLD to live on earth?”, crazy question! was my first reaction, , but then (at the risk of questioning or challenging the power that be) I thought that there might actually be a certain age that one would get to and it might just be too uncomfortable to actually do anything.

think   What do you think?

Glad we got that out of my head. To the serious stuff, Enterprise 2.0 in action (how organisations make use of social technologies to improve their business value). Mckinsey Global Institute, MGI defines social technology as ” the products and services that enable social interactions in a digital realm, and this allows people to connect and interact virtually; which also provide distributed rights to communicate, and add, modify or consume content”. In this blog post, I will be briefly discussing how one of the biggest coffee making chains, Starbucks and a car manufacture that has become a household name, Ford, uses social technology to improve their business value.

My Starbucks Idea

Coffee-Shop-starbucks-25055149-1280-1024  I am not one for coffee but, I recently found myself entering a Starbucks coffee shop in Manhattan NY one snowy evening. While waiting in line to place my order, I overheard two men talking about how one of them had pitched an idea to Starbucks through a medium they called “Mystarbucks idea“, I didn’t get to hear most of their conversation (not eavesdropping, I promise) before they left. I heard about it again in a lecture and that was when I decided to look it up to know how it worked.

In 2008, with the emergence of rival coffee stores, Starbucks was struggling with its expansion (over 18,000 stores) in about 60 countries, when its net income fell short by 28% to $108.7 million. So as part of their turnaround plan, the chairman and chief executive, Howard Schultz announced a strategy (My Starbucks Idea) in their annual stakeholders’ meeting, during which Chris Bruzzo of Starbucks first demonstrated the idea  which the content was to be generated by stakeholders’ ideas. My Starbucks Idea is a site that not only allows customers to share their creative ideas but, it also allows for the them to follow up and see whether their ideas have been adopted by the company and thus co-creating a product or service with Starbucks (intriguing, isn’t it?). The site features a daily question poll which allows the Starbucks to get some sort of census on the their products and services and also makes use of gamification in the form of a leader board to show the top ideas, votes and comments submitted by customers   .A month after the launch of My Starbucks idea, Starbucks launched another site called “Starbucks volunteer to volunteer” which is a community for collaboration and discussion. Such a success should be something most organisations should (if they aren’t doing so already) strive for. They also have a Facebook and Twitter account with over 25 million and 1.5 million followers respectively, which is dedicated mainly to engage customers and staff and to answer their questions.

Ford Fiesta Movement

ford_badge  Ford Motor company’s global digital and multimedia communications manager, Scott Monty in BU Today , Boston University’s media, said that the best thing that companies can do is play an active role in online communities ad shouldn’t be seen as an advertising platform. Monty led a team that developed the social media that was used in the context which was created by Ford called Ford Fiesta Movement and believes that the campaign has put the company on the social media map with 1.8 million Facebook and 206,000 Twitter followers. He also talked about the trust which was evident by consumers trusting one another to give honest testimonials. The contest was created to introduce the redesigned ford fiesta to young drivers by choosing 100 drivers to drive the ford fiesta for a year while documenting and uploading the video streams( from the camera that was attached to the car to record review from the drivers ) to twitter. BU media blog also said that Monty was ranked among the “Top 10 influencers in Social media and the best corporate Social Media lead on the planet” by Forbes.com. Monty also spoke to BU students at a free and open event as he believed and said in an interview with BU Today that,”students should keep a broader awareness of sociological trends, think like a regular consumer , and to take that mentality and attach it to business strategies”.

That is all I have for you today, thanks for visiting my blog, will appreciate some feedback and don’t forget my Must see places before I die and share if you have visited some (if not all 🙂 ) of the places on there. Also, please I’d like to hear your thoughts on the How old is too old question I presented earlier in the post. Until the next blog! Good bye, Au revoir, Adios, Auf wiedersehen, Addio..


9 comments on “Enterprise 2.0 in Action

  1. Thank you for sharing two amazing true stories in regards to how Enterprise 2.0 can help businesses to thrive, innovate and expand.

    The story has inspired me to think further about Enterprise 2.0 and what exactly does implementing Social Media tools mean for modern businesses.

    Today 80% of online users interact with social networks regularly. Millions of people share their thoughts and views about products and services online despite businesses like it or not. A smart business should collect data and information constantly utilising Enterprise 2.0 tools; and act appropriately to adapt to the current environment.

    Also because the informal nature of social networking platforms, businesses would be able to collect customer’s true thoughts about their services and products; which is the information they need to provide what the client truly required.

    I have also written a blog post about Web 2.0 tools. Please visit my blog at: http://jiabaoli.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/the-benefit-of-using-web-20-pinterest.html if you would like to know more.

  2. Yes Hellen..thank you for your comment. In this day and age I believe that any organisation that is not already taking advantage of these social technology tools should do so, since most people are influenced by these tools for the choices they make in their everyday lives..

  3. Hi Chiugo,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I Agree with Hellen, Social Media platforms enables organizations to hear form their customer whether its negative or positive, which I think both add value to the organization to develop their business.

    I have looked at your must visit places, My next trip is to Italy, see you their 🙂


  4. Thank you for your comment Mohammed..Yeah, I am not ready for Itay yet..Japan on my mind :)..Reading a lot of reviews on Trip Advisor about the Ocean dome..really excited to see it..

  5. Hi Chiugo,

    By reading through your post, Starbucks really made a smart move in the way it used the social technologies to engage its customers. By setting up its own forum site for idea sharing, this create another significant channel for the company where it can get in touch with the customers and learn from their ideas/discussions. Those collective pieces of information from the following channel are what the company considered them to apply with its business as adding value in the terms of product/service improvement.

    For your additional requests, I would like you to recheck the address link of your “Must see places…” blog for whether it can be accessible or not. About the question “How old is TOO OLD to live on earth?”, as a human, I think that it depends on how well you take good care of yourself. In another aspect of the question, it reminds me of the idea about being immortal (http://bit.ly/145Ctgw).

    Nice post, Chiugo 🙂

    • I am so sorry for the late reply Sarun, I thought I had replied you..Thank you for your comment..yes the “must see places” link has a bit of error and will fix that. meanwhile you can access it at the top of the page.

  6. Hi Chuigo,
    Social technologies can have great impact in in marketing and sales as you described well here. Both of these companies are have been slow to adapt the business models to the age of social technologies. I would be interested to know if you found any evidence of how they are using social technologies in any of the other organisational or enterprise functions as described in McKinsey Global report (p8).

    • Thanks for your input David, I appreciate it..In reply to what you pointed out; first, Starbucks and Ford are really pulling their weight on the social technology map and the evidence is not hidden at all. http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2020862483_starbuckssocialxml.html
      http://social.ford.com/ ..there are more online
      Second, this post was written in relation to the business models (peering, sharing,acting global & being open) as required by the activity given, but I am sure if more research is done, we would also find a lot of evidence that proves the ten ways social technology can add value to the two organisations (as shown on p8 of MKI report).. Thanks again, that was really constructive. Can you send me a link to your post? I’d like to read more of your ideas..

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