Me, Myself and Blogging

Hello everyone, welcome to my nightmare (Blogging or as I call it, thinking out loud). I say nightmare because before this blog I have always been very careful of the kind of things I put on the internet as most times whatever goes on there can come back to hunt you. Just recently, my husband came home and I noticed immediately that he wasn’t his chappy self so I asked him what was up, I almost choked on the fruit I was snacking on when he asked me why I was registered on an online dating site. It took a lot of hours, a back massage and his favorite meal to reassure him that I did not register on any dating site.

Now to the business of the day, even though this space is for a successful grade for enterprise 2.0, I believe that it is about time I created an online presence for myself and share my thoughts and experiences with other great minds out there. I believe that to make my blog or any blog a success , the blogger has to:

  • Create great posts that reflects good writing skills and excellent material by doing an extended research
  • Know their audience…while most people tend to blog about their passion, it might also be beneficial to keep up with the current trends i.e. what people are interested to hear about at a particular point in time
  • Try and relate to readers by adding some personal touches to their posts( humor)
  • Pictures, Pictures,Pictures(People(me for example) tend to be drawn to books and articles with visual aids…LOL)

To get people to read and comment on my blog I would have tried as much as possible to make sure my posts have the above mentioned characteristics . In addition I will try as much as possible to read, comment and follow other peoples blogs (if not for anything else, to keep learning form my colleagues and mentors) and also make proper use of the social media as a way of disseminating information about my blog posts.

Sometime ago while researching online about being a parent, I came across Miscellaneous Mum which I recently found that it was one of the finalists for the Australian Blogs competition 2013. I was excited to read the comments on one of the pages on the blog titled 1001 book challenge which contained a list of books the author, Karen Andrews’s would like to read before she dies. I guess the reason was that I had a similar list in my diary titled Must See Places before I die. Her blog has inspired me in more ways than one, especially sharing my list on this blog which I hope will encourage others to comment and share places they love to see and why or any other kind of bucket list they might have.

I look forward to setting up a page with my Must see Places. feel free to comment on this post and sending me a link to yours if your blog if you have one so I can return the favor.

This contents of this post are just my thoughts s feel free to comment on it. ( I am new at this, so please be nice to me)                                                                                                                                      Emotion-Icon-fanpop-447702_200_200


18 comments on “Me, Myself and Blogging

  1. Great post there. Wonder how did your husband found out that you “were” registered on a dating site. Overall, great post! Really loved it.

    • All he had to do was google my name Max..hence, my reservations to putting any form of thought or information on the internet.

  2. I just read a blog post and saw an example of how the thin line between free speech and social media blunder can be crossed if care is not taken..I would like to read that article. Have you posted a link?

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I totally agree with you especially when you mention “Know their audience” because there may topics interests some people but don’t interest other.. so it’s important to know what the audience would like to hear.

  4. Hi Chiugo – I’m glad to find that I wasn’t the the only one who had reservations about posting personal details online (like my full name for example)! You make a good point that bloggers should consider including posts about up-to-the-minute issues, in order for their content to remain fresh and relevant. It is certainly something I’ll consider for future posts of my own. Do you have a strategy on how you’ll balance your “passion” posts with your more “current trends” posts? I look forward to seeing your “Must See Destinations” list sometime soon. 🙂

    • Yea…soon..I do have the list in my Diary on my IPad, I am just too lazy to put it up on the blog.. 🙂 thanks for your feedback Bronwyn

  5. Pictures, Pictures,Pictures! I think that is one of the most important aspects of blogging. I love The Simpsons so your blog instantly got my attention. You avoided the Wall of Words nicely which is what I discussed in my blog.

  6. Thank you Tom…I love the Simpsons as well..having read soo many blogs, I can’t remember if I have read yours…if I haven’t, could you send me a link so that I could have a read?

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